One of the most important skills every teacher should develop now is ability to teaching students using STEAM education.

Some teachers that have undergone our training have been able to get better teaching jobs.

If you intend to grow in your teaching career, you should be willing to learn new things.

One of the things you can learn is the ability to teach students using STEAM education.

STEAM keeps growing every day and it is something everyone is trying to embrace in today’s world.

Our STEAM club runs in over 50 top and international schools in Lagos and Abuja. The list keeps growing!

We have trained over 650 teachers in Nigeria and hear what some of them said below.




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What you will learn in this course

✅How STEAM education is a solution to literacy and innovation in Nigeria today

✅The purpose of getting integrated into STEAM education

✅The benefits of STEAM education

✅The Nigerian education and STEAM culture.

✅Understand how learning works (The Learning theory and the theory of Multiple Intelligences) and applying it to your teaching pedagogy.

✅Making  a STEAM project

✅ With this course, you will be able to take your teaching career to the next level

✅You will become a STEAM certified teacher after completing the whole training 

✅Get opportunity to work with international schools

✅Run course at your own pace

✅Get the inspiration and idea to start a school club