STEAM Club offers a wide array of hands-on topics for the elementary level in schools. We ensure that large and high scientific concepts are broken down into smaller bits that suits and would readily enhance understanding in the learning of an elementary level child. In the Elementary level, we have topics and activities suitable for the lower elementary pupils, Key Stage 1 (KS 1) and Upper elementary pupils Key Stage 2 (KS 2).

In a typical STEAM Club class setting, depending on the peculiarity of each topics, children are grouped in their 5’s and 6’s (depending on the number of pupils in class). They are asked questions that engaged their minds and models that mimics technology pertinent to the world today like Vibrobrush (the technology of Vibration), DNA (understanding Genetics and DNA Coding), USB fan (understanding cables and circuitry), making of the Stethoscope (understanding how sound travels and its amplification), Periscope (Optics and Light),making and launching of Rockets, Irrigations Sciences,Parachute, Colourful Plastic lamp holders, Brainetics-math outside of the box and many more. Our goal is to strengthening them in the STEM education concepts as we help to spark off their imagination in readiness to raising a generation of innovators and inventors through the interaction with modern day technologies.