Early education is the vital part of a growing child, at this stage, the child learns better by what they see. At STEAM Club, our curriculum is tailored to accommodate the educational need of children at this stage. The Club activities have been designed in a way the child can easily relate with while also learning through his or her participation in one of STEAM activities.

In The STEAM Club our preschoolers will experiment with apparatus, devices and technology that factor in their age and ability to comprehend. Our concept has always been fun learning that is imparting children with intellectual knowledge and skills in a way and manner they can relate with whilst having fun though learning school work.

The STEAM Club class will teach the preschoolers science fundamentals while at the same time exposing them to concepts and processes of experimentation. We will offer a handful of essential experiments that address common questions that our children have from their everyday observations. We will work more with illustrations, pictures, activities and just enough words to reinforce vocabulary development while imparting knowledge in Engineering, Human Body, Botany, Geography and many more from our robust curriculum aimed at catching our young minds early and igniting a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts and Mathematics in order to build an advanced and technology driven society while raising our own Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison.