About STEAM Empowerment Foundation

As a result of heightened deterioration of living condition in most countries of the world, especially developing or third world countries, ranging from abject poverty, lack of basic education, dwindling health condition etc; the United Nations Organization (UNO) has opted to using Quality education as ‘action plan four’ to help achieve its sustainable development goals. This will punitively improve the quality and standard of life in most African communities.

Research has also shown that about 75% of the fastest growing occupations now require STEM skills; and less than 30% of those currently in tertiary institutions are studying a course that involves STEM.
On the other hand, countries that lead in STEM education are ranked high in innovation.

In essence, STEAM education which involves an educational approach that focuses on one or more disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and craft, and mathematics; will be most useful in providing necessary skills that can advance an underdeveloped nation to a developed, by improving global competitiveness. However, this form of education is being undermined in Nigeria. It faces certain challenges which include poor school funding, waning interest of students, poorly trained teachers and inadequate learning aids.

The way out

In order to develop Africa to a first world continent, and enhance its technology, a major strategy would be to raise and empower innovative and inventive minds. In the same vein, Research has also shown that early exposure to STEAM has positive impact across the entire spectrum of learning.

Our Role

We use interactive sessions to ignite a passion for STEAM education in African children that will help them become innovators and inventors who will impact the world.


To raise children who become innovators and inventors by exposure to STEAM education.


To ignite a passion and strengthen skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts& Craft and Mathematics) in order to build an advanced and technology driven society while raising our own Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison.