Raising Innovators through STEM Education

Interns' Testimonies


Learning the STEAM concepts through SEF has greatly improve my management, interpersonal, communication, practical, innovative, problem solving and most importantly entrepreneurial skills.



SEF has helped me to appreciate my course of study more. Though they were Basic Electrical /Electronics, but it’s help shaped my understanding on theoretical knowledge acquired from school and the need to be creative using simple materials to achieve a greater aim. It has given me a broader view to the importance and relevance of Electrical / Electronics Engineers in the immediate society and the world as a whole.

Bassey Itoro praise


Here in steam, I have developed a more creative mind to put things together (from simple materials) and make it presentable. I have learnt that I don’t need sophisticated gadgets to make an attractive project but with a positive mindset small things can be turned to look great.

Utomobong Sunday Akpan


STEAM exposed me to a lot especially when it comes to science and technology, the topics I found difficult in physics back then in secondary school were made easy and I learnt practical approaches to them. It also aided in my knowledge of engineering and how to deal with life samples during my service year, how to relate to children and presentation techniques.



For me, the wisdom behind STEAM is not earthly. No child deserves to be deprived of his/her participation in STEAM club. Aside from its millennial scheme, her program challenges the mind and brings out the creativity in everyone. Indeed interning with STEAM EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION has greatly helped me and I have no regrets.